Rules & Regulations

The Bartle & Gibson Program came into effect on May 1st, 1998 and may terminate at anytime without notice. All points accumulated but not redeemed during the duration of the program will be valid for 30 days after the announced termination date.
Bartle & Gibson points have no cash value and may not be used for any other purpose or products not listed in this e-catalogue.

Bartle & Gibson reserves the right to suspend or alter aspects of this program with or without written notice.

To participate in the Bartle & Gibson Partnership Program, you must enroll and agree to all terms and conditions of the program. An authorized Bartle & Gibson employee must approve enrollment. Any abuse or misrepresentation or failure to abide by the rules and regulation of the program will result in privileges being revoked.

The accumulation of points will cease if the account remains inactive for a period of 120 days. Any accumulated points in the program will be forfeited.

Partnership points will be awarded only to accounts that are current. Points will be awarded only if payment is posted by the end of the following month. Points must be accepted as awarded.

Bartle & Gibson points are based on pre-tax dollars spent less cash discounts and freight charges.

Merchandise purchased is subject to taxation and the recipient of the award agrees and understands they are liable for any and all taxes in effect at time of delivery. Declaration to Revenue Canada is the responsibility of the recipient.

All products will be shipped to the address indicated on the enrollment card prepaid unless written authorization is received by us prior to placing the order.

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks delivery. Bartle & Gibson are not responsible for damaged or delayed goods. Claims may be made through the carrier.

The Bartle & Gibson Partnership Program reserves the right to substitute prizes that have the same or greater value than ordered.

Bartle & Gibson has relationships with manufacturers and vendors as sponsors to the Partnership Program. Participating manufacturers and vendors are not responsible for the management or control of this program and are not permitted to disclose details of this program or to award points directly outside of the program without prior written consent. In case of dispute, disagreement, or eligibility for the program, it is understood and
agreed that the decision of the program manager will be final and binding.